Top 3 online Identity hackers

Hi readers, I could not contact you for a long time. In this post, I am going introduce some of the data hacking activities exist in a web. Millions of users have disclosed their privacy details to the hackers and became a victim of identity theft. Many forgeries are happening around the word using ignorant data. Terrorist utilizing the users’ data to get into the secured networks. I have already posted a topic on online banking at risk. Spare your precious time on this post and be aware of data hackers.

Scenarios of Identity hacking

  • The user will get unwanted calls from random mobile numbers, intimating them that they got lottery of some million dollars and asking them pay money or remit some dollars to transfer the vast amount into the user account.
  • Some frauds call users and tell them that a huge amount has been taken under their name and asking pays it back to them.
  • Many missed call will come to the mobile number and tempt users to call them, after calling them, a particular amount will be deducted from the users’ cell phone.
  • Email id will be hacked, and an email will be sent to your friends, saying that you stuck on an island and lost money and asking them to transfer some amount to the foreign bank account to return to the homeland.
  • Terrorist will use data of the user to hack Government websites, and cyber security will catch the user and investigation with the ignorant users and in the meantime, the terrorist will escape from the trap.

Top identity hackers

Online surveys

Online surveys are the low profile identity hacking methodology. These type of surveys target users having less knowledge and having the intention to earn money online. Many legal online surveys are on the internet, but some survey providers hack the user identities like their Name, Domicile details, Mobile numbers and Email address. Once they earn user details, sell those in the market or use their data in the fraudulent activities. Many users fell into this kind of fake surveys and involved in many forgeries. Asian country users are prime victims of online surveys.

Consultancy service

Consultancy service is the high profile identity hackers. Many people with more knowledge were trapped under this category. Fake websites exist on the web using some reputed consultancy services identity. They will ask users to provide their copy of their education certificates and other important details and use it for the forgery activities.


Freebies are the medium categories, usually users of pirated software, porn films, ready to use documents fell into this kind of trap. Software like wifi hackers, password crackers and pdf unlockers are highly downloaded from the internet. Porn films are the first category of downloaded films from the web. Ready to use documents like curriculum vitae template, research proposals and project thesis are mainly downloaded files from the web. Users are targeted using these strategies and trapped on the internet.

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