Web of Trust

Many phishing sites are floating in the web to grab the user’s attention and steal their information in a tricky way. Experienced users’ are also failed to notice such kind of site. Secured socket layered websites also phished by hackers for their fraudulent activities.

I came across one useful website which can be used for the users and website owners.

Web of Trust

The site name is www.mywot.com, provides reputation and user reviews of specified site. If a user wants to browse an unknown website, it is better for them to know the site reputation by entering the website name into the web of trust site.


The site also provides browser extension to provide the details about the site entered into the browser.

Website owners can claim the site reputation by registering themselves with the web of trust and answer the user queries submitted in the past.


The web of trust site will provide information from the data collected from the web users and website owners so the rate of trust may not be optimum. We know that Internet is a virtual world and there is no guarantee for anything in that world.

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