Beware of fake journals

This post will give a note on fake journals exist in web and tempting researchers to publish their research in the useless journals. The number of journals in the web keeps increasing and finds a way for monetary benefits through researchers.

It became compulsory for a Ph.D. and Master candidate to publish their research in a reputed journal. Good research easily finds a base in a reputed Journal but, it will be very much difficult for pseudo-science research.  ISI, SCI, SCI Expanded and Scopus are the major indexing services for the better visibility of research articles.

Standalone Journals and Publishers

Researchers can get an idea about the predatory or standalone journals from the following link.

Mr. Jeffrey Beall has done a research on journals and publishers and published the list on his website. Standalone journals and publishers are registering a domain in web and started to publish research articles by earning money from the researchers. Many useless indexing services are found in the web to index the research articles of standalone journals.

Standalone journals are better than the indexing services because they got an ISSN to publish the research article but, indexing services does not have any approval from either Government or private bodies. It is not confirmed that all standalone journals / publishers are bad but generally they got a bad impression because of publishing pseudo- science and plagiarized research articles.

Beware of Hijacked journals

Recent studies show that many reputed journals have been hacked and frauds are using the journal identity and start publishing research articles of innocent researchers. Researchers can use the link provided above to know about such journals and avoid their email campaigns.


Many publishing companies have back office team to assess in organizing the research work of Non – native English researchers to publish their research. Researchers can get an idea of research by publishing their work in standalone journals then go for the reputed journals.


  1. It is indeed important to not publish in fake journals. I have seen many journals were plagiarized papers have been published.

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