Windows 10: A gift or A Curse

Operating system (OS) is the software used as an interface between user and the hardware. Many OS are available in the world of computers but the windows is the favourite operating system of laptops and desktops. Even though Android OS rules the mobile and tablet OS market still windows is the undefeated competitor for it.

Microsoft has launched Windows 10 in the global market on 29 July, 2015. Users having legal windows can upgrade to windows 10 at free of cost. Microsoft has allowed the users to upgrade OS as like to like edition, it means windows 7 home edition can be upgraded to window 10 home edition. According to the latest statistical analysis, the growth rate of windows 10 is slowing down and users are not satisfied with the OS performance.

Windows 10 is designed to provide flexible environment to the users. It combines the features of windows 7 and 8 and monitors the user activities when they connect to internet. Installation of third party software face more problems and show error messages like dll files were missing and unable to complete the process.  The following sections of the post will discuss whether windows 10: A gift or a curse.



The performance is simply superb comparing to the earlier versions. It has the ability of changing the compression type according to the system configuration. It alerts user whenever the start – up gets slow and ask them to modify the start-up programs.

Enhanced Start menu

The return of start menu reduce the difficulties of users faced in Windows 8. Start menu has been enhanced and provide whole information in one place. The search box nearer to the start menu will search the user query in the system and web and provide solutions to the problems.

start menu


Appstore interface is better than the mobile version. It give facility to user to download and install the Apps inside the interface. Users having Microsoft email-id can synchronize apps with their windows mobile. Onedrive is one of the best application for the replacement of Dropbox.



Windows 10 gives more facility to users to maintain their applications and system performance. System restore can be executed using the restore points. Update and security option could be used to reset their pc and un-install the window updates installed in the system.


Windows Defender

Windows Defender already introduced in windows 8 but it has been enhanced for Windows 10 to provide more security for the system. As the OS fully depend on internet, it will be more useful for the user without any anti-virus software.



Cortana is the voice assistant introduced in Windows 10 to assist the user using their voice. It is already introduced for windows mobile OS.


Microsoft has provided a feedback form contains option ideas, likes, dislikes and comment box to get user opinion about the OS. This will be useful to the user to notice their problem to OS developers.




Updates are the problems of Windows 10. Automatic update forces OS to install it, after the installation the windows start malfunctioning and user doesn’t have any idea to find the solution to solve the problem. Pc manufacturers (HP, DELL, SAMSUNG, SONY, etc.,) updates failed to install into the system. Windows update can be un-installed through Control panel- System & Security – Security and Maintenance – Trouble shooting.


Strobe Screen

This is one of the issue created by window update. Users could be confused whether the problem occurred by hardware/software. If the strobing screen appears after the installation of Window 10 then it is supposed to be a software problem. Control panel – System & Security – Security & Maintenance – Troubleshooting – fix problems with windows update.

New Browser

Microsoft has introduced edge, a new browser to replace internet explorer. Initially it was working better than internet explorer but the new updates related to edge made it very slow to load the page, sometimes it fails to load the web page. User lost their control over edge and even they cannot stop the pop –up ads in web pages. The future update may sort out the problems in Microsoft edge.

Login Screen

Error messages are more common in windows 10. If user restarts their pc for 2 or 3 times then they may get login screen error and fails to start – up the OS. Windows 10 fails to lock the screen automatically and user has to lock it manually.

Return to older version

User can go to their previous version of windows if they not satisfied with the performance of Windows 10. Go to Settings – update & Security – Recovery – Return to Old version and execute the process but the option will be available for only one month and it is a short period for the user to find out the problems in windows 10.


Windows 10 fail to provide a flexible environment for the users. It will take some time for Microsoft to sort out the problems in the OS. Updates relevant to pc manufacturers won’t give more problems but windows update create problems for the user. Internet is very much necessary for windows 10 and this will be a problem in Asian countries as they are lacking in internet connection. It is better for the user to cancel the windows update until the problem resolved in windows 10. Windows 10 gives more advantages than the dis advantages so we treat it as a gift.




  1. sorry on come late to commit about , first of all thanks ascend I install windows 10 yesterday it look grate as OS ,but Cambering with windows 8 I think windows 8 more beautiful .

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